2020-08-24 (24 AUG 2020) VERSION 4.1.1

* Version bump to update copyright notices and author's URL
* Moved the tikjson script to the bin subdirectory and updated
  it to include CLI options like tikcommand and added a
  --pretty CLI option.
* Updated README to use HTTPS URLs where releant AND fixed the
  examples section to correctly note that example scripts now
  reside in the bin subdirectory.
* Tweaked varous bin subdirectory scripts to add a --verbose
  CLI option (except for tikcli) and matching MTIK_VERBOSE
  environment variable.

2020-08-23 (23 AUG 2020) VERSION 4.1.0

* Minor version bump due to changing argument passing for the call to
* Updated tikcli, tikcommand, and tikfetch commands to add options for
  enabling SSL and/or to use unencrypted plaintext logins (newer API
  login style).  Also one can set environment variables MTIK_SSL to 
  specify SSL use, or MTIK_UNENCRYPTED_PLAINTEXT to enable unencrypted
  plaintext logins if SSL is NOT used for compatibility with cleartext
  API usage on RouterOS versions 6.43+
* THANKS to Zdenek Crha (zdenek-crha on github) for pointing out that
  the binary commands were lacking proper argument passing to allow
  for SSL and/or unencrypted plaintext options, and for suggesting the
  use of environment variables as an alterative to CLI options for
  enabling such.

2020-08-22 (22 AUG 2020) VERSION 4.0.5

* This is a cosmetic version bump for the purpose of updating the gem for wider
  availability via rubygems in addition to directly from github prior to some
  coming feature updates and fixes for newer versions of RouterOS

2019-07-26 (26 JUL 2020) VERSION 4.0.4 Adam Kubica (github user xcr)

* Adam bumped the version number and separated out a gemspec file
* Jiacheng (github user krhougs) had submitted a similar update as Adam

2014-02-14 (14 FEB 2014) VERSION 4.0.3 Aaron D. Gifford (aarongifford.com)

* Update to fetch() utility, along with some very minor some cosmetic changes

2013-06-06 (06 JUN 2013) VERSION 4.0.2 Aaron D. Gifford (aarongifford.com)

                                        Bart Braem (http://www.lalunerouge.net/)
* Merged Bart Braem's implementation of timeouts and bumped up the version.  Thanks, Bart!
* Updated Rakefile to remove a bit of obsolescence

2012-02-09 (09 FEB 2012) VERSION 4.0.1 Aaron D. Gifford (aarongifford.com)

* Added os_version to connections.  Upon successful connect and login, the RouterOS
  version is fetched and stored.  This will allow future updates to better support
  some commands that differ (like fetch) depending on which RouterOS version is
  installed on the device.

2011-03-25 (25 MAR 2011) VERSION 4.0.0 Aaron D. Gifford (aarongifford.com)

* Per user suggestion, added a new optional cancel parameter to the MTik#command()
  method that will auto-cancel the supplied command after receiving the specified
  number of '!re' reply sentences.  This is usful for executing a command that otherwise
  will not terminate, but will keep sending output perpetually if not canceled.
* Spelling changes: :cancelled updated to :canceled   This means anyone who checked the
  state of a request using :cancelled or 'cancelled' will need to update their code to
  check for :canceled instead.
* Due to changing of spelling and adding a new parameter, I've bumped the major version
  number to 4.x in case any users code might break.  This in spite of the fact that
  there are no major new features added.
* I found 2-3 tiny bugs left over from the past change of request state from string
  to symbol and fixed those, updated error messages to reflect state as a symbol,
  eliminated a few redundant key?() calls, and fixed a replycounter initialization
  typo (had set it to 1 instead of 0).

2011-01-11 (11 JAN 2011) VERSION 3.1.2 Aaron D. Gifford (aarongifford.com)

* Added source file encoding comments and updated the copyright notices
* Fixed a tiny bug in lib/mtik/connection.rb
* Changed MTik::Request@state member in lib/mtik/request.rb to Symbol instead of String
* Moved tikfetch.rb, tikcli.rb, and tikcommand.rb from examples/ to bin/ and removed
  the .rb suffix -- left tikjson.rb behind in examples/
* Renamed a few variables that, with warnings enabled, Ruby complained were overlapping
  or hiding outer variables of the same name to avoid the warning.

2010-12-30 (30 DEC 2011) VERSION 3.1.1 Aaron D. Gifford (aarongifford.com)

* Changed the tikfetch.rb utility so it no longer requires a destination filename
  by default--it will use the supplied URL's final path element as a filename.  Also
  updated the stats output a bit.

2010-04-24 (24 APR 2010) VERSION 3.1.0 Aaron D. Gifford (aarongifford.com)

* Added find_sentences() method to MTik::Reply -- just sugar to Array.select()
* Changed MTik::Connection.fetch() method to add an optional timeout parameter
  which should not affect the API and should be backward compatible.  By default,
  there is no inactivity timeout for downloads.  But if you set the timeout parameter
  to a positive number, when a reply arrives and no progress/activity has been
  made for timeout seconds, the command will be canceled.  This should help with
  stalled downloads (i.e. the remote side has stopped sending but the TCP connection
  remains open/active).
* Also add the MTik::Request object as a parameter to the MTik::Connection.fetch()
  method's callback so that a script could use the request object to cancel the
  command if needed.  Due to this change, I decided to bump the version to 3.1.0.
* Fixed RDoc formatting in several files, and added an RDocTask to the Rakefile

2010-04-23 (23 APR 2010) VERSION 3.0.5 Aaron D. Gifford (aarongifford.com)

* Double bug-fix (typo fix and logic fix) to request.rb thanks to Allan Eising and
  Søren Daugaard.  Thank you both for the patch!
* Added a brief sanity-check in request.rb to help spotlight logic errors.

2010-04-09 (09 APR 2010) VERSION 3.0.4 Aaron D. Gifford (aarongifford.com)

* Bug fix to lib/mtik.rb thanks to Allan Eising to the command validation regular
  expression to permit the '-' character in a command.  Thanks!

2010-03-11 (11 MAR 2010) VERSION 3.0.3 Aaron D. Gifford (aarongifford.com)

* Bug fix to lib/mtik.rb command() method so when executing multiple commands
  response array order matches command array order.
* Cosmetic change for hex encoding with a little simplification, and one very small
  readability change in lib/mtik/connection.rb

2010-02-05 (05 FEB 2010) VERSION 3.0.2 Aaron D. Gifford (aarongifford.com)

* Typo fixes to example tikfetch.rb
* Multi-command functionality added to interactive client and to tikcommand.rb example
* Removed kludge path stuff for author's broken FreeBSD Ruby 1.9.1 gem system
* Removed lame JSON-ifier from example and switched to require 'json' instead

2010-01-19 (19 JAN 2010) VERSION 3.0.1 Aaron D. Gifford (aarongifford.com/)

* Added support for '/tool/fetch' 'requesting' state
* Added auto-cancel of finished '/tool/fetch' command in MTik#command()
* Added MTik::Request#cancel() method
* Added MTik::Request#state() attr_reader (and new @state object property to replace
  the @completed boolean property)
* MTik::Request objects now associate with the appropriate MTik::Connection object
  upon MTik::Connection transmitting the request to a device (which facilities)
  the MTik::Request@cancel() method
* Removed gem root directory mtik.rb file that was acting as a kludge for the author's
  messed-up FreeBSD Ruby 1.9 installation
* Renamed examples with a 'tik' prefix

2010-01-15 (15 JAN 2010) VERSION 3.0.0 Aaron D. Gifford (aarongifford.com/)

* Bumped the version to 3.0.0 due to modularization and gemification changes
that break any software using the older Ruby API classes.
* Split out (as separate files) and added a few more examples:
* Added VERSION.txt, CHANGELOG.txt, README.txt, LICENSE.txt, and *.gemspec files, moved
  the example files into the bin subdirectory